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365 Project - December

Well, my project is complete, and I can't believe it. One year ago today I made an extremely last minute decision to take one photo and edit it every single day for a year. I was doubtful that I'd complete it, but I did. I'm planning a longer post for later this month reflecting on the project, and sharing my favorite images from the year, so I won't go on too much about it now, but I'm really excited to have done this and to now have this unique set of photographs and memories for my family to look back on. December was, as I think they all were, a busy month. Not busy like, say, May, because that month was INSANE, but with all of the Christmas preparations, holiday concerts and other special events peppered in throughout the month, it flew by. We decorated our house for Christmas, enjoyed the first couple of snowfalls until it melted, found our elf, visited the Enchanted Village and Night Lights, had holiday concerts, celebrated Christmas with family and a LOT of other things that didn't make the cut for the photo of the day for one reason or another. Here are our last days of 2019:

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