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A Boston Public Garden Family Session

The Boston Public Garden was a popular spot for family sessions this year! I had one there this past spring, then I was there three more times this fall. I live in southeastern Massachusetts, so a lot of people choose the beach as their location for photos, even in the fall and winter, but the city is a fun change of scenery. It's such a pretty spot, and while there are a lot of people there on any given day at any given time, I've found that I can always find a quiet spot to use for photos. We had a beautiful fall day for their session with their new baby and their dog. The baby was absolutely perfect for the whole session (look at those adorable gummy baby smiles!), and we were able to capture a lot of snuggles with mom and dad. Their dog was absolutely mesmerized by all of the squirrels, but we still managed to catch her being still for a few traditional family portraits! If the Public Garden is someplace you'd like to have your family photographed, get in touch now for a spring session when everything is in bloom!

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