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A Cloudy Day Family Session

This session almost didn't happen. I had scheduled mini sessions at War Memorial Park for a Saturday in October, and we got hit with a storm the day before that was supposed to move out by noon on Saturday. Noon on Saturday came and there was a persistent heavy drizzle that didn't seem like it was going to end any time soon. I cancelled my earlier sessions and left it up to my later sessions as to whether they'd want to chance the weather or reschedule for another day. The only people to go for it was this family, and I'm SO glad they did. The drizzle stopped and this ended up being one of my top favorite family sessions of all of 2019! Yes, it was cloudy and we didn't have magic golden hour light, but guess what? Cloudy days are amazing for photos, especially in the fall. It allows for all the foliage to really pop against a dull sky, we can pose you pretty much anywhere and not worry about weird shadows or how the sun is hitting your faces, the light is actually really soft and pretty, and no one ends up squinting because of too much light.

These guys were amazing! Their outfits were perfection, from Mom's gorgeous dress right down to the knee socks and adorable shoes the girls wore. They were laid back, did everything I asked, really enjoyed each other and were themselves in front of the camera, which always always always makes for the best photos. Always. Just take a look!

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