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A Fall Family Session in Easton

I met this adorable family in Easton, at Borderland State Park, for their family photos this past fall. They were so sweet with each other the entire time, and their two seriously cute boys clearly just adore each other. Mom was a genius and thought ahead to bring a friend to help keep her baby's attention when they were all in the photos together so that she could focus on being with her family. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get kids and babies to look at me a few times for those classic, looking at the camera portraits, but honestly? It made my job a little bit easier to have someone else jingling keys and waving the toy around for those shots! And they had absolutely no trouble loving on each other for the more lifestyle shots. Just go find the image where baby brother leaned in to kiss big brother completely unprompted. No joke! It was such a sweet moment, and now they have it captured to look back on forever!

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