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An Annual Tradition

What do you do with your images after you've had your family photos taken? Do you print them? Make holiday cards? Create canvases or wood prints for your walls? Make an album? Leave them on your hard drive forever (please say no, please say no!)? Personally, I try to print photos to swap out of frames every so often. For any images that I love a ton, I'll try to find a space for some kind of specialty print. And yearly I create a photo book/album from the year so that we have it to look back on as a family. I also make a calendar for my mom and grandmother out of photos I've taken at various family gatherings over the year, and it's always really fun to put together. The family that I'm showing you below does the same. These cousins gift their grandmother a photo calendar every year for Christmas. Last year was the first year that I photographed them for their calendar, and I was super lucky to be able to photograph them again for their annual calendar gift!! These two are so funny and full of personality, and I just love documenting them for their grandmother! Take a look!

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