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An Early Morning for Photos

Like the beach in winter (as in my previous post), early mornings are not the most popular times for people to book photo sessions. Getting up early and being photo-ready, sometimes with children no less, is not an easy feat. The benefits, though, make it worthwhile, so if it's something you'd consider, read on!

Because most people would rather be asleep during the hour the sun rises, locations are empty. Like, really, really empty. If you choose a popular location for your session, you'll have it to yourself without casual bystanders looking on or others being photographed and (possibly) using the spot you wanted for your backdrop.

Sunrise is the other golden hour. Most people know the term golden hour as being the hour before the sun sets, and as being the most favorable light for photos. Golden hour ALSO occurs during the hour after the sun rises, and gives you gorgeous glowing light, similar to sunset.

If you have young children, you're probably awake at this time anyway, and a session first thing in the morning can be a great way to avoid nap time crankiness if that's something you're worried about. Kids are so energetic and happy first thing in the morning before they've had a chance to wear themselves out all day, and this can lend itself to more cooperative and photogenic kiddos!

Check out this early morning session below! We had the whole park to ourselves, and though it was a bit chilly, we warmed up quickly and had fun wandering and shooting. And afterwards, they headed off to a yummy breakfast out!

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