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An Early Spring Maternity Session

This session in Duxbury is a recent favorite for several reasons. First, they were amazing. Such a nice family and this little girl was just the sweetest and such a trooper in those early spring chilly temps. Second, the LIGHT. Ugh, it's so so good. And I want to take a quick sec for an aside and point out that it was mid-April, so there weren't any leaves or flowers or anything super stunning or special behind them in these first several images. Except the light. Light can make your photos crazy special, even if you were in a random parking lot on the side of the road, so just keep in mind that photos do not have to be taken in the summer or fall at a fancy location in order for them to be stunning. Actually, it's because there were no leaves on the trees that allowed for all of this gorgeous light to get through and give them these beautiful glowy images, so don't automatically rule out winter and spring for photos... Ok, rant over.

Next, this family had some pretty special reasons to celebrate and mark with a photo session, which is always so fun to capture for people. Baby #2 is a pretty obvious special reason here, but also Dad is getting ready to leave the military after a ten year long career. We honored that by having some photos done in uniform, and I have to say I love them. That red dress with those army greens? Perfection.

And last, Mom wanted to make sure she didn't miss out on these memories. She didn't have maternity photos done with her first and said she knew she'd regret it if she skipped out on them altogether. If any prospective client says that to me, I'll work my hardest to convince them to get the photos because you'll never regret having these moments and memories to look back on. Not ever. The older you get, the more special these things become, so if you're debating it, just do it and don't look back!

Enjoy this peek into one of my maternity sessions!

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