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An In-Home Family Newborn Session

It's not a secret that newborn sessions are one of my all-time favorite sessions. I mean, what's not to love?? I get to come in, do a little snuggling, chat about newborn life, take photos of absolutely adorable itty bitty babies and all their gorgeously tiny details, and capture the enormous amount of love their families have for them. And I don't have to deal with any sleep deprivation on my part! It all translates into amazing, timeless memories, unique to each family, and it's special every time that I get invited to photograph a new baby.

I photographed this family for the first time for big brother's 2nd birthday last fall, and it was so fun to meet his little sister Kayla a few weeks ago! She was so calm and sweet for me, which made for some great portraits of just her. Big brother made me work hard to capture moments with him! Having a new baby at home can be such a hard adjustment for toddlers, but with a little bit of patience and play (and some bribery!) I caught some sweet moments and we were even able to get a photo of the whole family together. Thank you so much for having me!

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