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Baby L: An In Home Newborn Session

Oooh, I just love this session so much. Their living room had my favorite light--from one big window, so that the light highlights what it hits and then the rest sort of falls off into darkness. I just love how it makes people and colors pop, especially when they've styled their outfits so well just like this (neutrals, with small pops of contrast!), and it works really well with black and white, too. It's moody light, but just a little bit, so you're not getting really dark photos. Baby Lennon snoozed through the family portion of their session and then was wide awake for the posed part where he was the star. He had the funniest little facial expressions, and was just the most relaxed baby. I'm always amazed when babies are super chill--my own kids were just not like that as babies, and it fascinates me when they're this little and can just hang on their own, totally contented. He was a dream, as was the whole family. They were so relaxed and just themselves, which always makes for the greatest photos. Plus, baby has the sweetest big sister, and a brother who will for sure be his best friend for life. Scroll down to see more!

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