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Spring Minis

I held spring minis this year for the first time, and honestly I debated for a long time before committing, but I'm so glad I did. I didn't plan it this way on purpose, but the flowering trees were somehow all in bloom at War Memorial Park in West Bridgewater, and we were able to use all the pink and white blossoms as a backdrop for the families that came out! Seriously, they add so much interest to the photos, are just really beautiful and are different from what you see so often. I mean, beaches and foliage are also gorgeous, but next year, friends, book a session in late April or early May to get in on those flowering trees!!

The families that came out each came for different reasons, from marking six months of their baby to just wanting to get some photos done, and all walked away with some beautiful, fresh photos of their growing families. Take a look below at all the fun!

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