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The D Family: A Fall Family Session

You may recognize this family from their 2021 Client Superlative as having the best accessory at a session! That bag of chips just cracked me up, because their son just was not going to let it go, for any reason. Toddlers are so so funny. Trust me, it's not unusual to have a child in the 18 months to 3 years age range that just doesn't want to deal with photos and the poses and games that I'm trying to play. I'm going to say it again, because I know how stressful it can be for parents: It's NORMAL for kids not to cooperate for photos. You know what's rare? Toddlers who do everything I ask. Seriously, it's way more common for me to have to work hard for those giggles and smiles and poses with the toddler set. Do NOT worry or stress or let it derail your session if your child or children aren't into your session.

This is one of the reasons that I recommend a full session for this age, even though it sounds counterintuitive. You want to get in and out fast to avoid any tears, tantrums, or complaints that they're bored. I get it. But, with a full session, we have time for those tantrums or to convince them to explore this area over here, or to get them snuggling with you for 5 seconds before they're off to something else. We don't have to worry that there's only 20 minutes to capture what you want when they're working through a big emotion or insisting that they do something their own way first. We have a whole hour, and I promise you that I'll capture far more than you think.

Take a look below. Is the chip bag in a lot of those photos? Yep, sure is. Like I said, he wasn't letting go for anything. Was I able to compose some of the images so that you couldn't see it? Definitely. And combined with a whole hour of time, laid back parents and lots of patience, just look at those happy smiles we captured! The perfect storytelling images for this time in their lives.

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