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The L Family: In Home Newborn Session

I first photographed this family when their oldest daughter was only about 6 months old. Now she's two and a big sister, and I had the honor of capturing a newborn session for their newest family member. She was as sweet as could be, and her older sister was adorably two: busy busy and on her own timeline! Toddlers always spend a lot of time popping in and out of the session, taking frequent breaks to play or snack as the session progresses. It's all normal and I don't mind at all--the name of the game is flexibility, especially when their whole world has shifted with the addition of a family member. They opted for a Traditional Newborn Session, which is the longer of my two options, and splits the session up with a family portion and a portion that is just the baby swaddled and posed all by themselves. Take a look below to see more!

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