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Top 3 Favorite Family Poses

Going into every session, I have a general idea of what I want to capture and depending on the location, where I want to capture it. There are a few poses that I come back to over and over again, because I just love how each family makes it their own. Take a look below to see my 3 favorite poses for families and get an idea of what I'll be asking you to do during your session!

Everyone sit on a blanket and get nice and close. Good! Now, look at someone else and smile at them. Sometimes kids and parents get silly, sometimes it's super sweet, but it always leads to an image of a family that is connecting with each other, and NOT my camera, which are my favorite photos to capture. A variation on this pose is where I tell everyone to tickle {insert name here}, which also leads to some great captures. I'll also get in close and grab some detail shots or a close up of a couple of the family members who are interacting sweetly!

My next favorite pose to give families is to have everyone line up next to each other and walk towards me. While they're walking, I have them look at me, look at each other, smile, laugh, and sometimes, if there's a little one, I'll have them swing them in the air. I haven't yet met a kid who doesn't give the biggest smiles when they get to do this! Then I have them turn around and walk away from me and I grab some more shots. Again, I'll come in close to get shots of hand holding, a child holding their parents' hands, a child looking back over their shoulder at me, and more.

The last of my favorites is doing individual child and parent shots. If you have a child that you can easily lift, I'll have you pick them up facing you. Then I'll have you spin around with them, stop and bring them in for a kiss. I'll have you do this a few different times so that I can get good shots of different moments within the pose--kids just love being spun around and usually parents can't help but smiling really big, genuine smiles which gives me the best images. Real smiles beat fake, canned smiles every.single.time. Those are the shots that will make you smile years from now when you're looking back at them, and my goal is always to create images for you that will bring you joy.

I could go on and on about other poses and shots that I love, but this is a good snapshot of some poses that I'll give you during our session! Do you have a favorite family pose? Share it with me in the comments!

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