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When to Book Your 2021 Photo Session

So, you've decided that you want to have photos taken this year! I might be biased, but good decision! Now you need to decide when to book. This will depend on a few factors, but we'll start with what kind of session you want to book.

Are you looking for a Family Session, Couples Session or Senior Photos? Full Session or a Mini Session? If you're looking for a mini and want to book with me, I will only be running them in July/Aug and then again in Oct/Nov. That's it. I don't book minis until the event has been announced, so your best chance to snag one of these spots is to get on my mailing list!! I announce all of my minis there first, and will open booking for them to anyone on my mailing list 24 hours before it opens up to everyone else.

If you want a Full Session, I'm opening my calendar by season this year, so right now my calendar is open through May 31st. If you know that you want something this winter (highly recommend, the light is sooo pretty!!!) or spring, book NOW. As soon as you can. My schedule is going to fill up quickly, and with 3 kids in sports and learning at home half the time, my availability will be limited. If you want something this summer or fall, I'll be opening my schedule for the summer starting in April, and the fall starting in August. I would highly recommend booking as soon as I open my calendar, especially for the fall. Autumn in Massachusetts is by far the most popular time of year for family photos and those dates fill fast! Again, the best way to be notified that booking is open is to be on my mailing list.

Are you expecting and think you want maternity photos? Do it!!! These became one of my favorite sessions to photograph last year, and it's such a special and beautiful time to capture. Trust me, you'll want to look back and see your gorgeous belly someday. For this type of session, my recommendation is the same for family sessions. Book as soon as I open my calendar, but make sure that you'll be approximately 30-34 weeks along for your session date. You want to be sure your belly has had time to pop, especially if you're a first time mom!

Thinking of a newborn session? Ideally, contact me when you're about 20 weeks along, any time of the year, whether my calendar is open or not. I'll keep in touch with you periodically throughout the rest of your pregnancy, and you will let me know once the baby is born. We will then schedule a session to happen before baby is 10 days old for a Traditional Newborn Session, or within the first 4-6 weeks for a Lifestyle Newborn Session. Traditional Newborn Sessions include simple, posed shots of the baby and in order to make these happen, baby needs to be 10 days old or younger for the best chance of success. Babies sleep the most and don't get startled out of sleep easily during this period of time, which makes it exponentially easier to pose them during this time period.

I think the main point is to book as soon as you can so that you don't miss out! The best way to do that, as I mentioned above, is to hop on my mailing list. Just go over to the 'Contact' page on my website, enter your email address and you'll be good to go. Was that helpful? Now, get booking!

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