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365 Project - July

It feels like the 4th of July was ages ago, doesn't it? We started off the month with a traditional family vacation to the Cape, where it rained more than it was sunny, which proved to be the weather pattern for the whole month. Womp womp. We still managed lots of fun, though. In addition to a week on the Cape, where we fished, boated, swam, crabbed, tubed, water skiied, saw a Cape League baseball game and lots of fireworks, the kids got to go to camp, play with friends and have a week of 'Camp with Mom' where we had a fun activity every day and I mostly left my big camera at home so that I could enjoy it too. There was also a lot of baseball, with a Woo Sox game and summer ball for Cooper, which has finally ended and we now have our nights free for one month before the crazy fall schedule starts up. Check out the images from July below!

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