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An At-Home Maternity Session

One of the things that I'll always regret is not having professional photos taken when I was expecting my 3 kids, so I will always be excited for and encourage maternity sessions, whether it's your first, second or fifth kid. While sunset sessions at fancy locations are gorgeous, it may not be what you want to manage at about 8 months pregnant, especially if you already have young kids at home. Enter the at-home maternity session. Equally as special and gorgeous as an on location shoot, it has the added benefit of not having to get your kids dressed and out the door, and then worry about corralling them on location. You can be comfortable in your own home, kids can grab snacks or toys in between photos, and we can capture the space where you're going to bring baby home. Dressed up or dressed down, these will be photos that you will cherish forever and that your baby will love looking at when they are older!

These photos were taken at the client's home (who is also a fabulous photographer!!), and she said she just wanted laid back and chill, and that's what we did! The kids hung for a while, then broke off to do their own thing while we did some solo shots of Mom, and then they popped in and out with toys and snacks and waters, which is just how life goes when you have kids. These are beautiful and authentic and will be cherished forever. Sound like something you'd want? Get in touch!!

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