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Here We Go Again--2021 365 Project

If you've followed along with me for a while, then you'll remember that I did a 365 project in 2019. I took one photo a day for an entire year with my big camera, and at the end of the year I had an incredibly unique collection of images for my family to look back on. It also helped me to grow my skills and push my creativity within my photography. I never intended to continue that into 2020--I needed a break, and I took it. Thank goodness, because covid has drained me and I doubt I'd have completed it or taken anything good. But as 2020 was drawing to a close, I found myself missing having a project to work on, and decided to try for another 365 project in 2021, with the focus on being more intentional with light and composition. I'm already wondering if this was a good idea, if I can manage to get through the whole year, and if I can stay motivated and creative. Haha! Winter is tough, what can I say? I have managed to complete the first month, though, so we'll see where this goes. Check out how our year is starting below!

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