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September Mini Sessions - Rexhame Beach

In early September, I held mini sessions over the course of two days at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield. What are mini sessions? These are a series of short, 20-30 minute sessions at a location that I (not you, as is the case with a full session) have chosen. You sign up for a particular time slot, bring your family and I will photograph you. Perfect for updating some family portraits or for getting that gorgeous holiday card image to send to all of your friends and family! I always get to meet new families and re-connect with people I've photographed in years past, and it's a lot of fun as long as the weather cooperates. Which it did! I had 2 days of gorgeous weather, even though the morning of day 1 was iffy due to Hurricane Dorian passing by off shore. By the time sessions started, though, the sun was out, the waves were huge and the temperature was perfect. Check out some favorites from all of my families below!

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