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What to Wear for Your Spring Photo Session

I know that it's currently winter and we have some snow on the ground, but spring IS coming, and for anyone having photos taken this spring, I'm sure you've already started thinking about what to wear! It can be both fun and stressful to think about, but here are some ideas specifically for spring sessions to help get you started. Spring in New England can look a couple of different ways. We have "spring" in March and early April, which looks a lot like the fall after the leaves have dropped, then we also have more of a true spring in late April, May and June.

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Spring Color Palette for Family Photos

For that really early spring photo session in March or early April, I'd recommend sticking with neutrals and adding a pop of color here and there using some fall tones. These will coordinate best with the landscape during this time of year, when there aren't any leaves on the trees and the grass has not yet begun to turn green. Bundle up with a nice coat, scarf or cute hat to help you stay warm and add a fun touch to your images!

For later spring, when color returns to this part of the world, pastels and neutrals will be your friends. Neutrals will really allow the emphasis in your images to be on your beautiful faces, and will lend a timeless look to you photos so that you can love them for years to come.

Don't stress about neutrals and pastels being boring! Textures and layers will instantly add interest to your images. Think lace or a chunky knit. Long cardigans, blazers, jean jackets and vests are all layers that work well also. Silver and gold jewelry beautifully complement any outfit--feel free to mix them if you like. Hats are very trendy for women right now, so bring one along and we can incorporate it into your photos!

Always remember your accessories and shoes! They WILL be in the photos. Socks, too. I can't tell you how many times men have said something to the effect of how they should have worn different socks. Hand to forehead, haha. Pants ride up when you're seated and yes, your socks will be in the photos, so if you care what that looks like, pick nice socks!

Finally, I'm just an email or text away if you have questions or want to run outfit suggestions by me! Happy shopping!

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