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A Classic and Simple Boston Wedding

I love photographing weddings. It's the "official" start to your new life together. No matter how long you've been a couple, taking that step and promising to choose each other every day for the rest of your lives really does feel momentous, because it is. The way each couple chooses to celebrate that momentous decision is different, tailored perfectly to them, and I love being able to capture how each couple marks this occasion. Meggie and Toph were married at the courthouse in Boston a couple of days prior to their celebration at Bistro du Midi. They requested some photos of just them and their dog before meeting their families for some more formal portraits, so we hit up Commonwealth Ave before heading over to the Public Garden for some classic Boston backdrops. Their dog, Beacon, was a huge hit, and we got stopped more than once by people asking what kind of dog he is and if they could pet him! After we made our way to Bistro du Midi, I captured some details and a few images of their cocktail hour before heading out and leaving them to their intimate celebration. Meggie and Toph, it was an honor to capture the start of your new lives together!

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