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A Unique Location for a 3 Year Old Milestone Session

Way back in September, one of my neighbors contacted me to photograph her daughter for her third birthday. She had the greatest idea, too: for the session to take place at her hometown library! They had just finished reading 1,000 books before her third birthday, and what better place to mark those two big milestones?! The town had built a new library a while back, but the old library, where she spent a lot of time as a child and holds a special place in her heart, is right across the street and is now a coffee shop. She wondered if we could do a few photos outside the old library and then head over to the new library and do the rest of the session over there. Um, yes! I'd never done a session at a library before, but loved the idea because it's so unique to them, and that in and of itself would make it a really great way to capture some special memories. Add in some really sweet details like their own letterboard, the most adorable shoes, a perfectly themed skirt, her kitten lovey, some of their own books and glasses, and we got a perfectly unique to them photo session! Take a look below, and if you have a different location idea for your photos, get in touch any time. I'm always up for something new!

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