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What's a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

We've all seen newborn photos where the babies are intricately wrapped and posed on layers of blankets, or in baskets, or tiny beds or on elaborate sets a la Anne Geddes, so I think most people think of a newborn session as something similar to what I just described: photos of just the baby, styled and posed just so. And yes, that is definitely an option! For babies two weeks old and under, I do a *very* casual version of that and provide swaddles, blankets, props, headbands, etc, and the photos are so sweet. But for babies up to six weeks old who don't like to stay asleep as much as a newborn, I also offer a lifestyle newborn session, which in the most basic terms is an in-home family session centered around the new baby.

I capture lots of snuggles, kisses, adoring gazes, yawns, cries, feeding... all the details of having a brand new baby at home. We typically shoot in the baby's room (if they have one, not everyone does!), the master bedroom and a family room, depending on what the light is like in each space. There are photos of everyone together, mom and the baby, dad and the baby, siblings and the baby... even pets with the baby if you have them! I also take portraits of just baby, but they're more casual, maybe using a fun rug, special blanket knit just for them, a cool chair, or bedspread as the background instead of specific props. They're in your home, though, which can make for a really special connection to your final images.

The baby can be awake for the whole session, snooze away the time or even spend the hour fussing and we'll still get great photos of this new little person who has joined your family. Take a look below at a recent lifestyle newborn session to get a better idea of what it looks like!

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