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What to Expect at Beach Minis

Dates and times for beach minis are being released soon, so I thought I'd do a little overview of what to expect if you're able to snag one of the time slots!

I hold these every year on the river side at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield on weekdays. I do this for multiple reasons: first, it's less crowded on weekdays and it's less crowded on the river side than on the ocean side. This means we can use the best spots without too much worry over having to wait our turn, which, during a mini session, we don't have time for. It also means that I don't have to spend hours trying to realistically remove other beach-goers from your photos during the editing process. The ocean side can be packed right up until the sun goes down, and it's an extraordinary amount of work to remove people from every single one of your photos, so if I can avoid that, I'm going to. (Side note: if you really want ocean side photos, I'll happily do that, but you will have to book a full session). Finally, the sun sets on the river side, which makes the light truly stunning as it goes down behind the river and the dunes. It's SO pretty. I promise you're not missing out by skipping the ocean side.

They will last about 20 minutes, which means that we'll likely use one spot as opposed to multiple as we would during a full session. I'll be sure to choose the best spot for the light during your session, which may mean the river is not part of your backdrop. If your session is slightly earlier in the evening, we'll want to find some open shade, which will likely mean your backdrop will be some trees and the dunes and are also really pretty and give a good beach-y feel. The time constraint will also mean that I focus on the basic family combinations to be sure I get those in. If time allows, I'll grab some more candid images before I need to move on to the next family. Don't worry, we'll still have fun!!

During the week after your mini session, I'll be sharing some sneak peeks from all of the mini sessions on social media. Feel free to like and share those posts if you want friends and family to see them! You'll receive the full gallery of about 30 images within 3 weeks of your session and then you'll be able to download whatever you want and order prints to hang on your walls!

Have questions? Feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer them!

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