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What to Expect: Fall Mini Sessions

It's tiii-iiimmmme! Fall minis are being announced soon, and since I know these are THE most popular mini sessions of the whole year, I thought I'd share a little bit of what to expect before, during and after you book. Read on to find out all about these fun sessions!

As I mentioned, these are without question the most sought-after and popular mini sessions of the whole year. That means you will have a lot of competition for only 8-10 available slots. I run these one day a year with a rain date blocked off just in case the weather doesn't cooperate for the initial date. So. A couple of things: these get announced via my mailing list (sign up here:, so you 100% have to be on it in order to book a session. These sold out within 2 hours of the email going out last year, so you may want to also set an alarm so that you can see the date, times & location and book ASAP, as they are first come, first served. If you book a time slot and later find out that you can't make it, I cannot reschedule. You will have to give up your time slot. If it rains on the the initial date and you cannot make the rain date, I cannot reschedule, so be sure you can make both dates. This is the absolute busiest time of year for everyone, myself included, and I just don't have the availability to do that kind of rescheduling.

During your session, I'll meet you at the entrance to the location unless otherwise specified. I'll be running these back to back, so I won't be able to text or communicate if you arrive early or are running late. Speaking of, if you are running late, you only get the remaining time for your session once you arrive because I will have another family after you and can't run over. The sun sets when it sets and I can't run the risk of the last family of the day starting so late that it's dark. During your time slot, we'll have lots of fun! I'll focus on the more formal, everyone look at me photos, because I know that lots of people are looking for a holiday card photo at this time of year. We'll get the most important family combinations and then we'll move on to some more candid photos before heading back to your car. Trust me, the time will FLY by!

After your session, you can expect to see one or two sneak peek images in the week following the minis. I do try to get those galleries out as fast as possible, but usually I run about 2-3 weeks for mini session galleries. You'll receive the link to your gallery via email and will have one month to download images and order prints before the gallery expires. Feel free to share any images you want on social media and tag me in them!

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