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2021 Client Superlatives!

I saw a couple of photographers do this, and thought it was a really fun way to round up the year, so I'm admittedly using the idea and making my own. I haven't added up how many sessions I photographed this year, but it was a lot, and though I love every session for different reasons, some sessions and some images just stand out as favorites. So without further ado, here are my 2021 Client Superlatives!

Best Accessory at a Session

This cute kid gave me about 10 minutes of his patience before he was done, and nothing anyone said or did could bring him back from being upset, so I suggested a snack. That snack, my friends, was the best accessory of all of 2021. We got smiles and silliness and fun, as long as that bag of chips was in his hands, and his parents win the Best Ability to Go With The Flow, because they just shrugged and laughed about it, which is always 100% the best way to deal with two year old stubborness!

The Coldest Session of the Year

I had to hold fall minis in November this year, which is always a little bit of a crap shoot with the weather. Could be 65, could be 25, and while I did get a gorgeous afternoon of weather, my first mini session of the day was FRIGID at 29 degrees. There was frost covering everything, the pond was steaming, and you could see everyone's breath in the air. This family, though, were rock stars, every one of them, and I swear the kids didn't complain once, even though they were visibly shivering. They were amazing.

The Hottest Session of the Year

The whole summer tends to be pretty muggy for sessions unless I'm shooting at the beach, but this one stands out in my memory as being the hottest, probably because there was no breeze. You seriously couldn't tell a bit that it was over 90 degrees from looking at this couple, but I was a sweaty mess by the time we were done!

The Best Spring Flowers

When I arrived at this session, the couple had given me a few spots that they wanted to be sure we hit up in the course of the hour, but it all went out the window when they drove by these gorgeous trees in full bloom along the entrance to the park. They asked if we could change things up and use those trees, which is exactly what we did before heading along to some other spots.

Favorite Images of Siblings

Sibling photos are some of my favorites to capture. I know that I love having photos of my own kids all together, enjoying each other, so I'm sure my clients do as well. Whether sweet, silly or somewhere in between, these are my top three favorite sibling photos from the year.

The Best Twirls of 2021

I had a lot of women and girls wear dresses to sessions this year and want to say thank you for that! Dresses photograph beautifully and add movement to images, which I just love. So, if you wear a dress, or even if it's just you and your significant other, I'll probably ask you to twirl or something along those lines during our session. I'll never be sorry for it, so thank you ahead of time!

Session That Made Me the Most Nervous

I had another (truly incredibly talented) photographer ask me to photograph her and her kids this year while she was expecting baby number 5, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified to do it. It's so much added pressure to perform extra well. Eek. I'm so glad I said yes, though, because she and her family were so awesome and I love how the session came out.

Most Sessions in One Year

I love repeat clients. It's the best being asked to come back year after year to capture a family as they grow, and I'm always shocked at how much bigger the kids are each year! Occasionally I'll get to see a family twice in a year either for maternity and newborn photos or newborn and a family session, but I got to see this family three times in 2021!! We did a spring mini, a full family session over the summer and then a fall mini session together this year. Love seeing all the personality from the girls at each session!

Favorite Images of a Mom

It's no secret that one of my favorite things to photograph is moms with their kids. if you want to niche that down even further, it would be new moms with their babies. Moms are least likely to be in the photos at any other time, as they're the ones usually taking the photos, so I try to be sure to grab a few extra images of them with their kids on session day. Here are my top three favorites from the year!

Favorite Images of a Dad

Can't leave out the dads! Dads always bring the silliness and tickles and tossing for their kids, which everyone enjoys, but I love the quieter moments just as much.

Favorite Images of Dogs

Dogs can add so much personality to family sessions, and sometimes they steal the show either with cuteness or with sass. These dogs definitely got their moment to shine during their family sessions!

Best Wedding Party

Ok, so I only shot one wedding this year, which makes this one win by default. BUT, I'm pretty sure that stacked up against 100 other weddings this one would still win. The bridal party was phenomenal. I spent 12+ hours with them that day and I can honestly say they are the measuring stick against which all other bridal parties should be measured.

Most Personality at a Session

So these two win every year, even though this is the first year I'm officially naming superlatives. Cousins who come every year to get photos done for their Grammy's annual calendar. Here they are dancing, using their sticks as a cane and a gun, and trying some synchronized jumps. They make me laugh so much and I thoroughly enjoy photographing them!

Favorite Family Photo

Ok, I have a lot of favorites when it comes to family sessions, and I can't say I'll name just one every year, but this year I did have one clear photo that wins for my favorite family photo. For a few reasons. This family had their session at their neighborhood beach, which means a lot to them. They played a ton during their session, so the photo has movement, real expressions of joy AND it's in black and white, which I'm a bit partial to. I picture it printed big in my head and I just love it!

If you made it this far, thank you for reading!! I had the best time reminiscing as I went through all of my sessions from this year, and I can't wait to have the chance to work with you all again. You guys are truly the best.

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