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365 - May

Anyone else have a crazy schedule this May? I know I'm not alone. Someone somewhere has dubbed it "Maycember" because it's equally as (or more) busy than December, but without all the gift buying. Except my daughter's birthday is in May, so we still have to buy gifts. Multiple sports, which of course end up all being on the same days, after school programs, field days, field trips, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, special school events, book fairs, birthdays, parties... you name it, we had it this month, and I feel like it took toll on this project. I definitely don't love a lot of the images I took this month, and felt rushed on a lot of days to just get an image, any image, so that I wouldn't miss a day. A lot of the photos this month ended up being detail shots, one of which (Cooper on the monkey bars) was selected for a bi-monthly collection of the best images for the month in a photography group I'm in, which went some ways towards encouraging me to keep going. Anyway, here's what we were up to in May 2019: we played lots of games, had visits with old friends and family, did lots of reading, lots more outdoor time, we broke out our flip flops and got filthy feet on more than one occasion, made a mess of our toys, celebrated Mother's Day, painted our first pedicures of the summer, did lots of yard work and planting, celebrated a birthday, played lots of soccer and baseball, and even experienced our first black eye. Hopefully next month will bring some slower days to enjoy (and no black eyes!)!

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