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365 Project - December

This is it! The last month of my 365 project for 2021. I managed to finish, but barely. Unlike the last time I did this project in 2019, I struggled enormously for the last few months both with creativity and the motivation to even pick up my camera. And unlike the last time, I haven't continued it on into this year. I blame the fact that the renovation has taken over our lives in much bigger ways than we expected, on top of the fact that it was happening at the same time as the holidays and my busiest season of the year. Burnout is a real thing. We're hoping the indoors portion of the project will be done by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, my goal for December was to use as much bokeh as possible. Bokeh is the blur that happens in the background of photos, and when there are lights (like Christmas lights) in the background, you get soft, glowy spheres, and it adds to a festive feeling this time of year. Some of the bokeh was obviously added in post processing when I edited, some was just in camera, and some has both. It's fun to play around with!

This month, our elf came and went, we somehow managed to find space for Christmas decorations in spite of being in the middle of a construction zone, had our first experience with a child being a close contact of someone with covid (thankfully testing negative), Quinn's first in-person gymnastics meet, holiday celebrations with family, the return to Jordan's for the Enchanted Village, and we wrapped up 2021 with a New Year's spent at home. I'm happy to be done with the project, but also happy to have made the effort all year, because it will be so fun to look back on and know there's a photo from every single day of the year.

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