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365 Project - September

Nine months down! I'm coming into the home stretch of this project now that September is over. I hit 265 days of photos this month, which now means I have less than 100 days to shoot in order to finish successfully. This month is such a shift of seasons. At the start of the month, we spent the weekend on the beach and sweating at a Red Sox game. Shorts and t-shirts were the norm. Now we're watching the leaves start to change color and sending the kids to school in pants and sweatshirts. In between, we took one last swim in the pool (at night, because every afternoon & weekend is filled with youth sports), spent a lot of time at soccer for all 3 kids, started getting homework from school for the first time in nearly 2 years, watched our addition really start to take shape, enjoyed some fire pit fires on the deck, and attended an amazing wedding. Not that you'd know it by the look on the boys' faces. Take a look through my September photos below!

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