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365 Project: February

Month number two is complete! This month, while my schedule is slow, I wanted to make sure to grab some fun, simple portraits of each of my kids. We had fun with my backdrop, silly faces and some props. While only three of the images are in this month's collection, I ended up with about 50 of each of them that I want to sort through and print! For some of these, I used a lens that I bought in December called a Lensbaby. These are creative lenses that give you a blurry effect around the edges and one very specific sharp point of focus (if you choose to keep your image in focus). They can produce beautiful images, so I've been playing around with them, and you'll see this creative blur in a few of the photos from this month. Just know that the blur is intentional!! And no, I wouldn't use this for a client session unless specifically asked ;) I also tried to take advantage of the snowy weather and early sunsets while we have them, but we were home a lot. Between remote learning and February vacation, we spent most of our days at home, so you'll see a lot of that as well. We are looking forward to daylight savings and longer (dare I say, warmer?) days! Take a look through the full collection below...

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