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365 Project - July

This has been a crazy month! We started the month off with two straight weeks on the Cape, one week with my extended family, and one week with my husband's. My kids managed the first week with zero screens, mostly by being outside 99% of the time. We even ate all of our meals outdoors. I was shocked that they didn't even ask for tv or a device after the first day. I mean, even if they'd asked, there was no television or wi-fi in our cottage, so it couldn't have happened anyway. I think it was the lack of whining about it that surprised me, to be honest, and we all got our wi-fi connection back eventually. We had absolutely perfect weather for both weeks, which allowed for a ton of outdoor fun with family, and it was really really hard to choose just one photo for each day of those two weeks because I have so many special memories that were captured. We returned home to a heat wave that necessitated lots of pool time and even some night swimming in order to stay cool. As an aside, I now want a Go Pro for underwater night swimming photos, haha! Birthday parties, blueberry picking, friends, adventures in Boston, library programs, lounging on the couch, getting Quinn's ears pierced and a week at day camp rounded out the rest of our busy month. Here is our July 2019.

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