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365 Project - March

This month was a struggle. I felt that as the month progressed, I was more and more just taking a photo to get it in for the day, which I really don't like because I end up not really liking what I've shot. Life was busy elsewhere, though, and with the weather warming up, the kids often take off in the afternoons to play outside with friends, not arriving home until dinner, and I've been working on client stuff, as well as some other back end stuff, so my focus hasn't been on this project much. I still managed a personal photo every day, though. Going into this month, I had a two goals to try and accomplish. First, I wanted to use my Lensbaby for a full week. That lens didn't come off of my camera for 7 days! It's a manual focus lens, so it's tricky to photograph my kids with it because they never stop moving, but after a full 7 days practicing, it got a little bit easier, and I'll definitely be playing with it throughout the year. Second, I wanted to get in the frame a few times. I've been doing a terrible job of being in any photos, so I wanted to make that a priority, and while I did manage to get in 2 photos, I failed otherwise. I'll try again next month, but the kids will be back in school full time (hooray!) so that may make things a little tricky. Anyway, enjoy this peek into our March days!

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