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365 Project - May

Another month, come and gone, and time is flying again! This month brought packed weeks, with at least one sports thing going on every day of the week. Saturdays have been insane, with each kid having both of their sports fall on that day, so we rush around all day long going from one thing to the next. But you know what? It's a nice change of pace from the past year. It's awesome to see people and to watch the kids run around and have fun and compete. It's nice to not be home. It'll be nice when it's over, too, and summer vacation has started, haha, but for now it's good to be back to the hustle. May also brought my second dose of the COVID vaccine, the end of mask regulations for most things, Quinn's First Communion AND her 8th birthday, lots of flowers, every kind of weather possible from hot to freezing, rainy to sunny and even both at once, resulting in an epic rainbow, opening our pool and our first family get together since Halloween. June will bring a lot of the same busyness, then we'll get to relax and enjoy the summer. Check out my May photos below!

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