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365 Project - November

November passed in a blur, and before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving and the month was ending. We started out the month in t-shirts and have since progressed to winter coats (and hats and mittens). My daily photos (previously taken mostly outdoors) have moved inside, due in equal parts to the weather and the early sunsets. Outdoor soccer officially ended, indoor began and Cooper completed another trip around the sun, celebrating his eighth birthday with friends at Dave and Buster's, where Quinn won a giant stuffed angry bird in the huge grabber game. We took a last minute trip to the Cape to visit my grandmother, and went to the beach to burn some energy. Quinn lost her first tooth in the same fashion that Cooper did earlier this year: with floss and a doorknob! We raked and raked and raked, fought over spots on the couch, played with light, went to swimming lessons, applied tatoos and spent time with cousins over Thanksgiving weekend. Here are our November days... on to December and Christmas!!

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