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Black and White Has My Heart

I've wanted to do an all black and white session for a while now... usually my thoughts go to fun personality sessions for kids with an all black or white backdrop, but I'm not sure there would be enough interest, so it hasn't been something I've offered yet. Color tends to be king. So instead, I'm doing an all black and white overview from this family session. I fell in love with black and white photography a long time ago. Growing up, I had many calendars of photos from Ansel Adams. One of the first dates my husband and I went on was to the MFA in Boston to see an Ansel Adams exhibit, and our guest book at our wedding was a photo book of Ansel Adams images. Most photos that catch my eye are black and white... the contrast between light and dark, the way that textures show up, the emotion that comes through when there aren't any other colors or distractions to an image. It's all just... ugh. So beautiful. And really good black and white images just take my breath away. So, yes, they're my favorite, but they have to be good, and not every image looks good in monochrome. To be clear, not all of the images in this gallery were black and white. Not even close. But the light and textures from this session lent themselves really well to black and white, so when I was thinking about writing this post, I immediately thought about the images from this session. See more below!

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