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Winter Photo Sessions: Why You Should Book One Now

Let's be honest. Winter is probably last on the list for times of year you want to schedule an outdoor photo session. It's cold. There are no leaves. It's cold. You're dreaming of summer beaches. It's cold. The grass and all flowers are dead. Did I mention how cold it is in Massachusetts in January? Not to mention February, March and 99% of April? Which, yes, I know, is technically spring, but we live in the northeast and it's just cold here from November-April. HOWEVER. There are some really big perks to having a session in the winter, and I'm going to outline them for you in the hopes that some of you will get excited and book one (with me!).

Number one: do you love photos with glowy orange and pink light? Because of the tilt of the earth at this time of the year, New England actually gets the most orange, glowy light at sunset in the winter. I'm not making that up, promise. Combine that with a sort of bland backdrop due to the lack of leaves, grass and flowers, and it becomes even more prominent. Light, as you might know, is the most important part of photography, and good light will take a photo from ok to amazing. Light in the winter is stunning, and even more of it gets through to my locations because of the lack of leaves blocking all that light. Plus, a sunset over a snowy field cannot be beat! Stunning.

Number two: speaking of snowy fields, SNOW is a huge perk to winter photos! If timed right, you can get a super unique photo session done in the snow. Everyone else has photos done in the summer and fall--be different and use the snow as a backdrop! Sunsets over a snowy field turn everything orange and pink and it's just so gorgeous. Outfits can be different and fun, too. Hats and scarves and mittens are all really cute accessories that can also double to help keep you warm during your session. Layering long underwear and sweaters can also help with staying warm, but you could also all show up in your snow clothes and really just have fun playing around in the snow while I photograph it! If you get really lucky, your session will happen while it's actually snowing, which will add beautiful snowy bokeh to your images. And even if it's not snowing during the session, throwing snow in the air or at my camera will add some beautiful glittery goodness to your photos.

Number three: Availability. This is the time of year where I have the least amount of personal commitments (read: children's sports), and you have the least amount of competition for those coveted weekend time slots. It's a slow time of year personally and professionally, so the likelihood of getting a date that works for you is so much higher. Summer and especially fall book up fast. Blink, and you'll miss out on available dates entirely. But in the winter I have so much more availability. This also means you will get your photos back FAST, most often within a week, because I don't have a long editing queue!

Number 4: Early Sunsets. Between mid-November and the end of March the sun basically sets in the afternoon. Do you know when the sun sets in July and August? Nearly 8:30pm. I only shoot in the 1-2 hours before sunset, so if you have little ones who go to bed early, those summer dates can be reallllly hard to swing. But, bundle those little ones up (who are mostly impervious to cold anyway... my youngest talks daily about how it's not cold and wants to wear shorts. In 25 degree temps) and you can get your photos done before dinner time!

So what are you waiting for?? Email me today and get on my calendar!

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